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Thursday, January 29 2009
No matter what size your business is you should look uniform and professional. weather you are just starting out with only one truck or a van or a giant business thats been around a long time you can make your business look uniform with vehicle graphics, lawn signs, magnets, business cards, banners, and more. It is not a huge investment to look so good. Did you know 81% of consumers buy something from someone just from the the way the company's truck looks ? Thats a huge stat. I just completed a job for a siding and roofing company who without the graphics you would never even know what they do.

Now the truck is now lettered, he has matching lawn signs, they got matching magnets on there other van, and we designed and ordered matching business cards also. Now when a potential customer sees signs, and a matching truck they have a much better chance or getting some new work. The investment was under $ 2,000 and I predict that they will make that back quick with there new outdoor advertisements. Here at Apple Graphics Inc. we prefer to do wraps because they are so cool and very effective but when called on to just do vinyl cut letters we can do so. This is what will make your business look uniform. Thanks for checkin in. and a shout out to Sherri for keepin up with the blogs. Thanks

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Tuesday, January 27 2009
Hi. I'm at a friends car lot today looking at the property and taking photos so we can drive some customers in for auto repair and sales. This place is on rt. 611 and blair Mill Rd. in Horsham next to Willow Grove PA. Thw name of the dealership is B. London Auto Sales and service. We are working on a deal also to park a wrapped trailer in this corner. So if you live in the area keep your eyes peeled for the makeover we are going to do here with banners, signs, and vehicle graphics.

Apple Graphics Inc. Will also have an oppertunity to do installs in one of the bays in this shop for the local business. The garage door here is 10 ft. high so we will be limited to car wraps, van wraps, suv wraps. pick up truck wraps, and some box truck wraps under the 10 ft. to clear the door. The design on the trailer that will be parked here is getting under way this afternoon. Brian At apple will be doing the design. Apple Graphics Inc. will keep you up on the progress of this prodject in the upcoming weeks. Thanks for checkin in.
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Monday, January 26 2009
I'm looking for some cold hard facts. Apple Graphics Inc. has a presentation at BNI network group on Feb. 4th for 10 minutes and wants to be able to give some true stories on how effective vehicle wrap advertising really is.

Me as a first example in my old business spent $ 4,000 on vehicle wraps with a truck and trailer and within 6 months sold $ 18,000 in business and $ 8,000 was profit.

Mastercraft Landscaping got a tailgate wrap done by us and within 3 months he sold a $ 6,000 paver job from someone who asked for a card from looking at the wrap at a gas station. He could have easily used that tailgate wrap money and put an ad in a paper but at least he owns the wrapped tailgate and is still advertising every time he drives and its not costing him any more to rerun the ad.

Tigersharks bar and grill told me they got catering jobs from people who saw the wrap.      Here at Apple Graphics we know its the most effective because 90% of the wraps are from company,s that called us from the trailer wrap.

So if you have  a wrapped vehicle or another vehicle wrap company want to e-mail some cold hard facts about vehicle wrap effectiveness please respond to this blog (not just some stat sheet. a real story) like I do wrap installs for a local sign shop and a wrap story he told me was a customer was going down the AC expressway with the vehicle he wrapped got a contract with a casino for his services (huge contract now he is set)  get me some cold hard facts. Thanks for checking in. AG                                                     
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Sunday, January 25 2009
Thanks to my clients from 08 and the start of 09 We have been in business for about a year now. I remember this time last year the 64 in. Mutoh (highest quality printer) was still in the box.

Man I was so excited  to get the thing installed. Made some mistakes along the way with some misprints, laminating, design, but seem to always get the job done. I almost always make my deadlines or communicate with the client on any delays for a smooth business transaction. The last thing I want to do is over promise and under deliver. As I head into the second year of this vehicle wrap industry I am just as excited as I was at first. We have lot's of new and upcoming jobs and events on the horizon. Internet Marketing being one of them. Its fun and I'm giving it a real shot trying to learn something new every day.

Also we are having the open house sometime in March (we will keep you posted with an exact date) that should be a fun day. Everyone is invited from friends, neighbors, clients, business relations, and my BNI Ivyland group. The vehicle wrap training is something we are focusing on also. The people that got the training so far all had a great experience, learned a lot, had delicious food, and are probably wrapping as you are reading this because I know I showed them enough to do a full wrap no problem. So thanks for checkin in and we will keep on keepin on with the vehicle wraps, Truck wraps, we want to get into fleet wraps this year, motorcycle wraps, interior wall wraps, trailer wraps, you name it and we will wrap it. Serving philadelphia counties, Bucks County, Main Line Area, South Jersey, Delaware County, Berks County, Atlantic County NJ, and will travel farther if needed.
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Saturday, January 24 2009
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Saturday, January 24 2009
We finished the partial wrap for one of our clients at Fosters Mechanical. It came out really nice, we will be posting a 360 degree video also. Here are some photos we took yesterday:

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Saturday, January 24 2009
   Here at Apple Graphics we are constantly trying to wrap something. I brought a bar that was being built in my garage at home to the shop. I am going to wrap the entire bar from the step to the counter top. Also we are going to wrap a wall in the shop. I hope to have all of this done by the time of the open house. I will keep you posted on this blog of the exact date of the open house. We will be asking all of our customers with any kind of graphics or vehicle wraps to stop by and check out our wall wraps, take some photos, have something to eat, a beer and wine if you choose, or just hang out and talk business for a while.

Apple Graphics belongs to BNI which is a network group and all BNI members will be invited so there will be almost every kind of business owner or rep. ranging from house painters to accountants and lawyers. So if you are looking into vehicle wraps,wall graphics, magnets, signs, banners, logo design, digital posters, vehicle wrap training, feel free to stop at the open house. thanks for checkin us out.
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Friday, January 23 2009
Today I talked to quite a few people about vehicle wrap training. I am trying to book up Wednesday's for February. I have wrap jobs for a few weeks so here is an opportunity for some people who want to learn how to wrap to get it done. Wednesdays consist of 45 minute discussions then about two and a half hours of hands on training on flat surfaces like trailer wraps and box truck wraps.

Then a catered lunch another 45 minute Qs & As and another two and a half or three hours of wrap training on a more difficult surface with some compound curves on a car, truck or van. the cost for the day is $ 650 and at the end of the day you will work on a live wrap that will come out of our wrap shop. call 215-322-WRAP(9727) or on the web at you can ask for Neal Owner and operator of Apple Graphics Inc. We try to get some of every part of the vehicle wrap process into one day. Tools, Prep, Materials, Removal, Mistakes, Finishing, and Eating. Thanks for checkin us out.
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Thursday, January 22 2009
I was on the Atlantic City expressway today and a guy in a huge new Benz drove up next to me then slowed down and got behind me ( I hope he took my phone number) then speeded up next to me again and gave me a thumbs up. When you drive with such custom graphics like my truck people just stare at you. Sometimes I forget about the wrap and I think the person is looking at me like they know me.

Then I remember and say to myself (they are looking at the wrap). Here at Apple we offer custom design not just for advertising but also for customization of your vehicle, boat, trailer, race car, and more. We offer 3-D design that is unbelievable like the skull on my hood of the f-150 pick up. you can always call 215-322-WRAP(9727) to discuss any custom graphics for any type of project you art considering.
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Thursday, January 22 2009
Ok, yesterday on our Facebook video I said I would finish that partial wrap last night but I had to do some finishing touches first thing today before the customer picked it up. And this company was very with all the work completed on the van we wrapped. The design is very crisp and professional looking. I will get new photos on the website in the next few days. Partial wraps are very cost effective for your advertising dollar. If a full vehicle wrap is not for you or not in your price range a partial wrap is a great option. Usually if the price of a full wrap is out of reach and someone wants to do vehicle advertising I can make it affordable with the partial wrap. All I need is a budget to work with. If you want a partial wrap I need to know how much your budget is and then we here at Apple Graphics will make a proof to show you exactly what we can do for that amount of money. Also partial wraps are popular with fleet graphics. So no matter how many trucks or vans you have in your company you can look uniform with the partial wraps.
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Wednesday, January 21 2009

We are working our way into the new media space by taking advantage of the latest marketing tools out there on the web.

Today Denis (Our Web Guru) set us up on TWITTER.COM! He says this will allow us to communicate and engage our visitors and viewers of our website/videos. We will be updating twitter frequently so keep an eye out for us!

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Tuesday, January 20 2009
Hey, I stopped by a sign shop to offer my services (installing wraps) and I picked up an advertisement for one of those company's that sells ads on those trailers with a sign on it with a banner in a frame. I can't believe how much they want for that. I can rent you trailer with a full wrap on it for probably half of that. I mean it was like $ 6,000 per month to have it driven around for a certain amount of hours a day.

I have enclosed trailers (wrapped with your business logo and design for rent starting at $ 499 per month. there are start up fees that go along that can vary on design and size).  Anyway you can always call me for more info or pricing at 215-322-WRAP(9727) Apple graphics Inc
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Monday, January 19 2009
I was driving in my wrapped truck today going through ice, snow and rain with little pieces of salt from the road spinning up into my wheel wells  and thought how happy I was that there is a wrap on my truck because it will protect the factory paint and when I do a wrap removal it will come off clean. Anyway I just called Fellers and ordered 75 feet of cream cheese (54in) which is what I refer to when I use Avery MPI 1005 EZ RS 2.1 Mil Cast Gloss White Inkjet Vinyl. I call it that because it applies so smooth to the vehicle it spreads like cream cheese on a bagel. Thats it for today from Apple Graphics Inc. 215-322-WRAP(9727) for all your vehicle wrap, signs, and banner needs.
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Friday, January 16 2009
Apple Graphics located in Huntingdon Valley Pennsylvania. We serve Philadelphia, Bucks County, and New Jersey. We offer Graphic Design for your business advertising needs. If your company is new or looking for a new look we can design you a logo, a brochure, business cards, flyers, menu's, and much more. The main aspect of our business deals with the most effective way to advertise today, with Vehicle Wraps, Mobile Advertising, Car Graphics. We can do magnets, tailgate wraps, partial wraps, cut-outs, perforated window graphics, full vehicle wraps, trailer wraps, truck wraps, motorcycle wraps, and much more.
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Wednesday, January 14 2009
Today we have expanded our advertising by connecting our website to several well known, popular websites. You can find Apple Graphics on myspace and we also have facebook. Now you can watch our newest videos from our facebook, Search for us, Apple Also, this is the link for our new webiste- is also now On our website our facebook is linked. Web advertising is very helpful, but still, the Apple Graphics trailer we have wrapped at 5 points in Levittown is still a very effective business advertising tool.

Vehicle Wrapping, signs, banners, trailer wraps, rent-a-wrap, wrap training, interior design, graphic design, store fronts, window film, motorcycle wraps, tailgate wraps, partial wraps, vehicle wrap training. Get noticed for what you drive.
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Tuesday, January 13 2009
Apple Graphics: Vehicle Wraps, Signs, Banners, Large Format High-Quality Printing. Our new link to our website is Also, you can still find us at As far as creative projects, Apple Graphics can accommodate your interior design needs. From interior murals for bedrooms, to wallpaper designs, to enlarged photographs hanging in your family room, photo collages throughout your house, magnets, wraps for your refrigerator... the possibilities are endless. I recently re-painted a bathroom, a victorian rose pink faux with black trim. Instead of going to look through endless books of wallpaper at a store which would more then likely over-price I just designed my own wallpaper trim for the bathroom, it looks amazing. I'm hoping to get the before/after photos up on the website soon. Until then, APPLE GRAPHICS is here for any of your large scale printing, full color, and advertising needs. APPLE GRAPHICS: Wrap Training, Vehicle Wraps, Rent-A-Wrap. Huntingdon Valley.
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Monday, January 12 2009
Apple Graphics- Located in Huntingdon Valley, proudly serving the Bucks County Area, Also Philadelphia and parts of New Jersey. Vehicle wrapping is our specialty. We offer vehicle wrap training here as well. Your vehicle could be wrapped in your companies advertisement. If you are not looking to spend a lot of money we could place a cut-out shape or graphic and stick it on to your vehicle. This is similar to the lettering you often see on utility vans, we can add colorful large scale eye-catching graphics. The possibilities are endless. Apple Graphics: Advertise or Personalize your Ride! Vehicle Wraps, Signs & Banners.
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Friday, January 09 2009
Apple Graphics is still offering wrap training. Learn to become a vehicle wrap specialist from a certified wrap-installing expert. Get hands on experience in vehicle wrapping at Apple Graphics, located in Huntingdon Valley we serve Philadelphia, Bucks County and New Jersey. We are a large format high-quality printing company on the rise. We have several talented graphic designers in house and on call, we have wrapped vehicles out on the road. We offer RENT-A-WRAP which is where you could advertise for an affordable price on a large trailer, like having a billboard-sized ad for a vast reduction of the cost. Read up on the statistics of vehicle wrapping on our website. It is the most effective way to advertise today as it reaches so many viewers per day. APPLE GRAPHICS-215.322.WRAP
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