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Thursday, January 21 2016
Why Choose us for Your Fleet Wraps?

Custom branded logos and graphics will make or break your success as a small business owner. If you’re looking for the most innovative and cost effective way to stand out from the competition, then stop in to chat with one of the graphic designers at Apple Graphics. Their expertise makes them one of the top choices when it comes to fleet vehicle wraps.

At Apple Graphics we can design the ultimate art work and logo design for your company. We can also render detailed 3D graphics using our state of the art 3D software. Why stick with outdated methods of advertising like flyers and newspaper ads? Vehicle graphics are at the forefront of the advertising world nowadays, and getting your fleet wrapped is one of the wisest marketing choices you can make.

Geico car wrap - Apple Graphics

You don’t need to worry about experience or technique when you work with a graphic designer at Apple Graphics. Our team of award winning graphics designers have over 13 years of experience in the industry. Whether you’re in the market for custom graphics, logo design or even a 3D rendering, our designers will create the perfect custom image graphics to get you noticed.

If you’re thinking about boosting the flair of your advertising campaign, and if you’re looking for a cost effective means for doing so, then Apple Graphics has exactly what you need to get started. Fleet wraps generate over 500 impressions per mile. What’s more, business owners who have tried out vehicle wraps can attest to the fact that vehicle wraps work. Many happy clients claim that they noticed significant increases in their business after they integrated vehicle wraps into their fleet.

The award winning graphic designers at Apple Graphics have many years experience in the vehicle wrap industry and they are passionate about the work they create. Their work embodies both creativity and technological expertise. They use only state of the art equipment and specialized software to create the highest quality design. What’s more, they only use the best materials and they stand by all of the work they complete. Stop into the shop to find out why Apple Graphics is the best choice for your fleet wrap.

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Thursday, January 14 2016
Apple Graphics: Franchise Wraps

Are you the owner of a franchise? If so, then you are probably already aware of just how important advertising is for your business. Franchises are a critical piece of the small business world, and whether you own a restaurant or a rug cleaning service, you are sure to reap the benefits of quality advertising. Small business owners know that the key to a successful business is due, in part, to the quality of its advertising. That being said, a sure-fire way to guarantee that your business receives the attention it deserves is to integrate your branding and advertising with franchise vehicle wraps.

At Apple Graphics, we understand that business name recognition and brand identity is critical to your franchise. For example, if you own a rug cleaning service and there are four other rug cleaning companies in your area, then it’s more important than ever to make sure that you have an excellent advertising plan in place. An effective franchise wrap design can help distinguish your brand from those other four competitors. The designers at Apple Graphics can work with you to create a unique design that represents your franchise with both professionalism and individuality.

Franchise wraps can make your business go from average to incredible. The installers at Apple Graphics know that if you’re not trying a vehicle wrap for your business, then you’re missing out on an excellent advertising opportunity. Our recent Rita’s Water Ice franchise wraps were a huge success, and highlight our crew’s ability to franchise owner and you’re only using traditional advertising methods, such as television or newspaper ads, then you’re missing out on a hot new opportunity. 

In case you’re still on the fence about making the switch from traditional advertising to mobile graphics advertising, consider this: vehicle graphics garner up to 60,000 visual impressions a day. By hiring one of our professional installers to complete the wrap job on your franchise vehicles, you are making the first step toward a more successful advertising strategy. Our skilled installers can help you choose the best design for your franchise, and we can customize your ad to include business specifics such as your website URL, your Facebook page and your telephone number. 

A professionally designed vehicle wrap for your franchise provides an unequalled return on your marketing investment. Unlike traditional advertising modes that cost exorbitant amounts of money and only last for a fixed time period, advertising with vehicle wraps costs a minimal fee up-front, but generates thousands of views for years to come. At Apple Graphics we understand that vehicle wraps have transformed the way small businesses handle their advertising needs, and we strive to offer our customers the highest quality product. 

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Thursday, January 07 2016
Philadelphia Fleet Vehicle Graphics & Wraps

Are you a small business owner looking to up the ante of your advertising strategy? Then fleet graphics might be the best place to start. Vehicle graphics are on the rise, and make up one of the leading sources of mobile advertising today. With vehicle graphics, you are free to choose whatever style you envision for your business. With fleet advertising, you can boost brand awareness and increase marketing power for your business. At Apple Graphics, we understand how important advertising is to your business, and we work to provide you with unique graphics that satisfy all of your advertising needs. With fleet graphics, you increase your visibility and separate yourself from the competition.

If your business operates a fleet, then pause for a moment and think about how much road time they receive. They might be out on a job, or they might be out picking up material. Maybe you have them out for a ride to quote a new client. Whatever the case may be, your fleet is getting noticed. Now think about how much it would work to your advantage to have that same fleet decked out in custom wraps by Apple Graphics. With a custom fleet wrap, you let your prospective customers learn about your business, and you increase your chances for sales. It is estimated that vehicle graphics generate up to 16 million impressions a year.

It used to be that a business could suffice with just advertising its name and its phone number. Nowadays, with tighter competition, it is important to go beyond your average advertising strategy. At Apple Graphics, our skilled technicians can customize your fleet and help you start growing your business. We can create custom fleet wraps that will get the attention your business deserves. We offer a wide range of customization options, and we can help you choose between a full or partial wrap. 

Fleet wraps are a sure-fire way to grab the attention of your prospective customers, and they have greater impact than just words. With a custom, colorful wrap by Apple Graphics, your fleet is sure to turn heads when out on the road. Our professional installers are trained to provide you with professionally designed, quality image you desire, and they are more than happy to answer any questions that might arise. Your fleet wrap, aside form generating business, will also protect your fleet’s exterior. When it comes to efficient, creative, and professional fleet wrapping, apple Graphics has you covered.

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