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Friday, November 28 2008
December should be a huge month for this vehicle WRAP shop. I am getting ready to print and laminate the HOOTERS race car for Dave Adams who runs the car shows for HOOTERS. This stock car is sure going to catch some attention. The unveiling for this car should be around NEW YEARS and the design will be behind closed doors until then. We are also doing a van for a floor company next week along with a radio stations Ford explorer which I will not mention  the station until its complete which I have a deadline of December 12th. The other big thing in December is that we are almost booked up with our VEHICLE WRAP TRAINING. December 3rd. we have 2 people coming from western Pennsylvania for a 10-12 hour session. They are in store for a great experience. some others the week after that and maybe one more before the years end. Sounds like a busy month to me with a RACE CAR WRAP, SUV WRAP, VAN WRAP, WRAP TRAINING, CHRISTMAS PARTY, and who knows what else may come up I'm sure to be busy until NEW YEARS.
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Monday, November 24 2008
APPLE GRAPHICS is beginning our Wrap Training. Here in Bucks County Pennsylvania we supply the area's vehicle wraps! Just outside of Philadelphia we can wrap just about anything! Neal is gonna to be training starting next week... who wants to learn to wrap from a Feller's Certified Wrapper?
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Tuesday, November 18 2008
Pat, the wrap dude says he thinks my perspective is interesting... he says if he were to write a blog he'd write about how much lamination sucks! But he failed to mention the incomparable triumph that manifests itself within after completing a Vehicle Wrap job. Certified Wrap Installers are humbled by accompaniment of a blow torch and an exacto-knife That sorta thing must make you feel, well, pretty badass ;) Neal cracks me up with the blow torch... poor little stink-bugs! Neal's finishing up the second truck today. I have no closing for this blog so I'll take a small bow-! :)
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Monday, November 17 2008
Ok, finally Neal shipped out a finished Tom Adam's Truck in which I will be posting up on the website tomorrow. So, who's next to be wrapped? We need a challenge... keep em comin'!
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Friday, November 14 2008
Apple Graphics is now offering WRAP TRAINING. Straight from the professionals, Neal was trained at the largest wrap supply company in the Country. Feller's Certified is the real deal, however they are no longer offering wrap-classes, yet Wrap Training is necessary in order to take your business to another level. To master Vehicle Wrapping, learn from the professionals, as this industry is rising fast.
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Tuesday, November 04 2008
Soon we'll be working on a banner, 20 ft wide by 5 ft high. This banner will be hanging across a street, it's a welcome home banner, the recipient is coming home from Iraq. This will be the largest banner yet. The challenge will be to make it visually pleasing yet simplistic at the same time. Also, keeping in mind a specific target audience will be an entire street, so the prevalent theme of American Pride, Strength and support to our troops. This banner must be personal but can be publicly admired as well.
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