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Thursday, January 13 2022

Whether you are moving into a new building or renovating a current one, bring the interior to life with a wall wrap. Your walls can be so much more than plain and with a wrap, you have the option to transform a room however you want, temporarily or long term. 

1. Create a Focal Piece

You can choose to do a small wrap or decal on your wall or you can choose to cover the whole wall and create a focal point that speaks directly to what you do as a company. If you have a larger all, why not use the height of it to your advantage and allow your graphics to travel up the wall. You can also use the floor as your dedicated wrap area. This will bring a unique touch to any room because it is more uncommon. 

2. Draw on Values and Interests

Use the space you have to extend the brand of your company. It can enforce the values of your company, advertise the products you are selling, or just bring in a pop of color that goes along with your brand. 

3. You Don't Need to Use the Entire Wall

You always have the choice to use the whole wall or just part of a wall. A wrap that extends over apart of a wall can be striking all on its own. 

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Thursday, January 06 2022

The new year has arrived and as the temperatures begin to drop, it's time to think about the best way to care for your wrap. The cold, snow, and salt can take a toll on your vehicle's wrap, but luckily we have some tips to keep it looking like new.
1. Clean Road Salt Off Your Wrap

With so much salt on the roads during the winter season, it is always a good idea to give your vehicle a good washing at least once a week. Salt can corrode and dehydrate your vinyl wrap if it is left there for too long. It also wouldn't be a bad idea to rinse or wipe the lowest areas of your wrap once a day because they get hit with the most road salt.

2. Get Holes and Scratches Fixes Quickly 

If you see a hole or scratch and decide it might not be a big deal, it definitely can be. Make sure you get holes fixed right away to prevent the possibility of further damage. Even the smallest of holes can cause damage to the wrap or vehicle if not taken care of.

3. Avoid Pressure Washing Your Vehicle

Keeping up with regular hand or car washes can help prevent the need for pressure washing. Pressure washing should only be done when absolutely necessary. Pressure washing your vehicle can cause the edges of the vinyl to peel up, fade, or even crack. If you do need to pressure wash your vehicle, then do so with cold water on low pressure and make sure to keep the nozzle a foot or more away to prevent damage. 

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