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Wednesday, November 11 2009

Apple Graphics does wall and window graphics, which are a great way to improve the appearance of a room or a store.

The wall graphics are a matte vinyl, so it appears as if they were actually painted on the wall or a door.

Window graphics are a perforated view-through vinyl, so you can still see through the window on the opposite side.

Apple Graphics did a vehicle wrap for Bucks First Federal Credit Union and its Project Flipside a few months ago.

Since the wrap was such a success, they contacted us again to design and install graphics for their new branch at Palisades High School.

The wall and window graphics were designed very similar to the vehicle wrap, so the marketing campaign remained uniform.

Project Flipside's graphics are bright, unique, and will grab everyone's attention.

Apple Graphics installed a wall vinyl die-cut logo for Bucks First, which can be seen on the wall behind the teller's desk.

First Bucks also had us install a vinyl door wrap to both sides of the entrance door, so the students could clearly identify it.

Finally, we installed a view-through window wrap so the classroom next door couldn't see through into the branch.

Apple Graphics is very happy with the continuous work we have got from First Bucks Federal Credit Union.

And it all started with our Project Flipside vehicle wrap!

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Monday, November 09 2009

Apple Graphics specializes in vehicle wraps, which includes all types of racing vehicles.

We wrap any kind of racecar, motorcycle, go-cart, boat, and any other racing vehicle.

Just like other vehicle wraps, racing wraps are designed with the purpose of making the vehicle stand out and get noticed.

Racing wraps are especially intriguing to us, since the designs are usually more eccentric and creative.

With our unique designs, like the 'Gatorvette' above, they will definitely catch people's attention at the track or at a show.

Apple Graphics enjoys working directly with the customer to ensure the wrap is exactly what they dreamed of.

Racing vehicle wraps are the most popular, and cost-effective, way to customize a racecar.

Just like wraps on typical vehicles, racing wraps last for years and withstand all weather conditions.

A custom digital wrap makes the vehicle look brand new! It completely changes, and improves the appearance of the vehicle.

After finishing the 'Gatorvette', we are looking forward to wrapping more racing vehicles in the future.

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Thursday, November 05 2009

Apple Graphics can wrap all vehicles, including motocycles!

Motorcycle wraps are the newest way to customize a bike and make it stand out on the road.

We can wrap any style motorcycle, any make and model. We can wrap tanks, fenders, or the entire bike.

Motorcycle wraps are very cost-effective, and quite a bit cheaper than painting and airbrushing.

We work directly with the customer to create the perfect design for their bike, making sure it is exactly what they want.

Our wrap designs are unique and one-of-a-kind, so a bike we do will not look like any other on the road!

Apple Graphics can take any image a customer prefers and turn it into a motorcycle wrap for them.

Vinyl motorcycle wraps last for years and withstand all weather conditions. Apple Graphics can customize any bike!

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