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Wednesday, August 05 2015
Fleet Wraps & Contractor Truck Wraps

We are working with Best Home Restoration on custom wrapping vehicles of their fleet. Fleet Graphics & Wraps is about the best way you can advertise your business. We love working with contractors, freelancers and new entrepreneurs who understand that mobile advertising will get you noticed and also help you brand your company in the area.

Our talented designers will create the perfect concept for your business that will work with your set budget and will allow you to expose your company to potential clients and customers. 

All of our certified vehicle wrap installers are trained by the best in the industry and all have completed the Vehicle Wrap Training Course. You can see at the photo below, our installers are wrapping up the latest pick-up truck for Best Home Restoration.

Fleet Wraps & Graphics

Fleet Wraps & Graphics

Fleet Wraps & Graphics

Fleet Wraps & Graphics

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Friday, July 17 2015


Yes, we can pretty much wrap anything you bring over to us. Recently, we have fun designing a concept then printing and installing custom wraps to these featured clients. Our certified and highly trained install will get the job done to near perfection and to your total satisfaction.

Check out these latest work of art and let us know what you think and if we can help you in anyway!


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Tuesday, June 30 2015

We hope everyone is enjoying the Summer season!

We are keeping very busy during these summer months and wrapping all kind of business vehicles: from small Mom and Pop 1-5 vehicle fleet to 20-30 commercial franchise fleets, we can take care of companies any size.

The key to keeping a professional franchise / company image is brand consistency. It is important to keep the company brand visible, professional and to ensure the brand commnication is uniform all across the marketing landscape which includes vehicle wraps.

We wrap Franchise and Fleet cars, trucks, box trucks, vans and trailers. Our professionally equipted wrap shop has all the required tools to get the job done. We staff award winning wrap designers, highly trained Feller's certified and 3M prefered production and installation specialising.

You can be sure we will deliver what we promis and beyond - Contact us or call 215-322-WRAP for a free consultation!

Some cool franchise & fleet wraps we worked on:

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Friday, June 12 2015
Apple Graphics Operations Expanding!

At Apple Graphics, we are expanding our operations to better service the Atlantic Region!

After years of providing high quality work in the tri-state area to a wide array of clients we are ready to take on larger territory and a higher volume of satisfied customers.

Our outstanding designers, diligent production specialists, and certified vehicle wrap installers are ready to handle all your mobile advertising needs. We are a one stop shop: from design & concept to completion. Vehicle wraps are all we do!

Let us take care of your advertising needs!  

Wraps are among the techniques of new viral marketing campaigns, designed to draw as much attention as possible. Especially in larger cities like New York City, Washington DC, Atlanta GA, Charlotte NC, etc. these marketing ads can be highly effective over traditional means of print and radio. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to elevate you company’s brand recognition to the next level. Apple Graphics can help rise you up!

Contact us today to disucss your project or advertising idea and one of our talented consultants will get in touch with you right away!

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Friday, May 01 2015
Franchise / Fleet Graphics & Wraps

Do you and your staff regularly drive on the road in multiple company vehicles? Make the most of your fleet vehicles with a high impact wrap and fleet graphics! Your vehicle is like a moving billboard which generations thousands to million impressions daily!

We are Philadelphia & Bucks County Vehicle Wrap experts who specialize in create dynamic and attractive automobile wraps. Whether you have 1 or 50 vehicles, we have the facility, staff and the experience to deliver what we promise. 

Contact us to speak with one of our fleet graphics & wrap installation managers!

Recent Fleet Vehicle Wraps by Apple Graphics Inc:

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Tuesday, April 28 2015

Last week we worked on another fun project for Total Plumbing. We had previously wrapped several of their fleet vehicles and this time we created a cool video to show how the reflective contour cut vinyl is being processes by our plotter.

As we always mention, Vehicle Wrap Advertising is the best bang for your buck and definitely high return on your investment for your marketing dollars. Having a high-dynamic wrapped vehicle on the road in service / contractor industry will catch millions of views daily. We specialize in vehicle wraps specifically working with the trade industry. We also work with all kind of budgets and come up with a design to match your needs. Contact Us for a free consultation and speak with one of our Wrap Experts!

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Thursday, April 16 2015
Construction Barricade Graphic Printing & Wrapping / Install - Philadelphia Mills

Our friends at City Blue are opening another store in Philadelphia Mills Mall and hired us to Wrap the Barricade while their store is being constructed. Here is a nice time-lapse video that shows the entire process. We love doing Barricade Wraps since this gives us a wide area to work with and plenty of space to create something awesome! 

Construction of new retail spaces can take a weeks to few months. Therefore, malls, airports and retail stores like to cover these spaces with barricades. The barricades are not very eye pleasing though as they are plain white and make the entire area look like “Under Construction.” Colorful Hight Dynamic graphics on barricades eliminate the need of painting them and also provide a warm, attractive appeal to customers. This barricade space can be used for advertising the products of the store that will be “Coming Soon” in a few months.

Contact Apple Graphics to have us WRAP your Store Front Barricade and make a great impression to your store to come!

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Wednesday, March 25 2015

We have officially moved over to a new Bucks County location!

Our new Apple Graphics Inc Headquarters is 41 Industrial Drive Ivyland, PA 18974.

We expanded our Vehicle Wrap Shop and Garage to be able to take on more projects and better service our clients. We have added more wrap materials and equipment to stay up-to-date with wrap industry and technology. We invite all of our clients to tour our new facility and check us out at the new spot!

Vehicle Wrap Training schedule is filling up for 2015 - If you are looking to take your wrapping skills to the next level, reserve & schedule the wrap training before all dates fill up. Here is a photo of the recent wrap training from Muncy, PA. We traveled on location for a two day wrap training with the staff of Advertising Specialties. We had a great time training, Good Luck!


Check out the latest fleet wraps that left our garage:



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Friday, August 01 2014
Banks, Credit Unions & Mortgage Companies using Vehicle Wraps

Banks, Credit Unions and Mortgage companies are finding that Vehicle Wraps are the most effective way for their business advertising needs. A vehicle wrap is the most effective way to advertise for your business today. Mobile advertising reaches out to thousands of people on the road each day. 

Banks, Credit Unions and Mortgage Companies have been loyal clients to Apple Graphics. Our large scale printing company is able to provide the most prestigious businesses with a highly effective way to gain more attention from new clients. From fleets or single cars, SUV's, trucks, trailers, window graphics and signs, Vinyl Graphics have become the most in demand material for business advertising today. 

There has been a major increase over the past decade for the Mobile Advertising industry. 

Vehicle Wraps are the most effective way for a successful business to advertise today. A vehicle wrap can be considered to be a very smart investment for your business. Mobile advertising remains the most effective way to grab the attention of new clients today. If you would like to see some examples of clean effective vehicle wraps designs, contact us for a free quote.

There is no limit to what Apple Graphics could design for your company. We have innovative designers ready to communicate with you to create original leading-edge and eye-catching designs. Broaden your clientele and your business horizons and get your vehicle wrapped today. 

Resent Vehicle Wraps for Finanical Industry Clients:

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Monday, February 17 2014

Custom Designed Vehicle Wraps enhance your company vehicles and transform them into mobile marketing messages, but when it comes to vinyl wraps one of the biggest concerns for consumers is removal. The one major concern we hear all the time in this industry is "what about when I want to remove it, will it damage the paint?" the answer is No. Our Fellers certified wrap specialists only use high quality vinyl which is designed to leave no residue or film after removal, which will result in a higher resale value when you are looking to get rid of the vehicle.

Some factory paint jobs can run you thousands upon thousands of dollars, many times high end car owners come to us to invest in vehicle wraps primarily for paint protection purposes to eliminate any worry about scratches or dings, so when it comes time to return the car you can remove the wrap and the original paint will still appear brand new. Not only do wraps improve the visual aspect of your vehicle but they also protect it!

We do design, installation, and removal so set up an appointment with Apple Graphics today to hear about all the wrapping possibilities for your vehicle!

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Thursday, February 06 2014

We cater to all kinds of clients, and when we get a special request from owners of luxury vehicles we take on the challenge and are excited to wrap!

This time we had a Porsche that needed a stone guard wrap to minimize the damage from chipped stones and other debris. We used Gloss White 3M Wrap Material to cover up the bumper and other debris prone areas on this sport car to eliminate more damage.

A Luxury sports car like this is an investment to the owner, so wrapping it with 3M Material protects the paint job from the elements and other damage prone areas.

Here are some photos of the this project:

Porsche Wrap

Porsche Wrap

Porsche Wrap


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Thursday, January 23 2014

If your in need of Graphics for your business, may they be Vehicle graphics, wall murals, or any type of signage let Apple Graphics be your only stop for your graphics and wrapping needs. When shopping around for the right Graphics company there are a few things that you should keep in mind such as turn around time, how long will the design stage of the graphics take, what is the estimated turn around time for installation, will this all be within my set budget? There are a variety of companies out there that you can purchase your vinyl graphics from and they will higher an installer, or ship your graphics to an installation company, which will most likely increase cost and turn around time, but not Apple Graphics.

From graphic design to completion, all stages of the design and wrapping process are handled by our experienced in house graphic design team and wrap specialists. Here at Apple Graphics our success is built on the satisfaction of our customers and quality of services so no matter the theme or atmosphere your are trying to create we will try our best to stay within your budget and also help you to achieve the message you want to convey. So come to Apple Graphics and let the experts enhance your marketing message.

Some Recent Wrap Projects:

Philadelphia Vehicle Wrap

Philadelphia Vehicle Wrap

Philadelphia Vehicle Wrap

Philadelphia Vehicle Wrap

Philadelphia Vehicle Wrap

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Friday, January 10 2014

Its a New Year and its the perfect time to make a change, so lets give your vehicle a vinyl wrap makeover!  Finding the right way to convey your professional message can be tricky and if you don't choose the right form of advertising for your business it could be a waste of time and money, but what if there was a form of advertising that is guaranteed to reach thousands of people everyday? With a Custom designed vehicle wrap you will do just that. Apple Graphics is an owner operated, fellers certified wrap company that transforms the traditional ways of advertising into new and edgy mobile ads to grab the attention of your target audience and new potential clients.

Check out our list of Services.

We specialize in graphics and to us vehicles are limitless advertising potential, with a wide range of options no matter what your graphic or visual communication needs are, and despite the range of your budget we are sure to create exactly what your company is looking for. 

Check out our Vehicle Wrap Gallery:

Apple Graphics Gallery

Full wraps, partial wraps, all types of signage, banners, wall murals, etc. all of these advertising techniques are available and designed in house at Apple Graphics. If you love wrapping as much as us, or are looking for knowledge in the wrapping industry contact us today about our Vehicle wrap training courses. Certain advertising elements are essential for your business to flourish, let Apple Graphics provide you with those crucial elements and set up an appointment today!  

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Friday, October 04 2013

Come to Apple Graphics where we take your unique vision and turn it into reality with a custom vehicle wrap. We cater to as many different types of vehicles as possible and we specialize in a wide range of designs and wrap types to help your company reach customers you may not have come in contact with.

Maybe your a start up company and your on a budget, a Partial Vehicle Wrap is half the cost of some full vehicle wraps and can be just as appealing to your clientele. By taking your logo and your inspiration we can incorporate it with some simple lettering in a way that gives it the appearance of a full wrap. Partial wraps are also what we like to call "Installer Friendly" it takes much less material, and a significantly less amount of time to complete the wrap which is also beneficial to the customers time and budget needs. If you are in the market for a more conservative look or just interested in custom lettering, we can offer you a variety of styles and text types that can give your company a straight forward yet informative look.

Check out our wrap gallery to see some of the partial vehicle wraps and design work we have done for some of our previous customers. No matter what your wrap needs are may they be personal or commercial we want to help you and your business achieve its greatest potential.

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Thursday, September 19 2013
Lets be honest how much attention do you really pay to the commercials you hear on the radio?  How many times do the flyers and hand outs people leave on your car end up crumpled on the floor? If your a business owner you need better more efficient ways of getting your brand name out there. Now ask yourself how many times a day or hours in a week are you in the your vehicle? I bet you never thought that traffic could actually be your friend! With a Custom Vehicle Wrap your car, truck, or trailer becomes a moving billboard, its almost impossible not to be noticed and the best part is not only is it your custom logo its an affordable one and done purchase! 

Come to Philly! From windows and walls, to buses and tractor trailers we wrap it all but wrapping isn't just about branding and advertising. Winter is coming and that means so is that brown snowy salt mixture that no one can seem to get away from but a custom vehicle wrap is a great way for protecting your investment and that paint job from the elements, blemishes, and those lovely gifts from our flying friends.

Some of our clients have high end vehicles that they want to protect from scratches and dings, so instead of paying thousands on a new paint job after the damage is done why not protect it from the start. 
Next time your in your vehicle take a look around and what do you see white car...white car...silver car...but with a custom designed wrap theres a quick non-permanent way to simply change the look and style of your vehicle. You tell us your year make model, how and what you want, we have everything from camo to chrome, we can even teach you to install it yourself with our Wrap Training course. 
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Friday, August 30 2013

Check out these awesome new wraps we did for our newest clients! John's Driving School design uses the vehicle paint job as part of the design with custom vinyl lettering along with high impact company logo. The client was very happy with the way this wrap came out.

Philadelphia Vehicle Wraps

Philadelphia Vehicle Wraps

This brand new John Kenndy Courtesy Shuttle is like a mobile billboard advertising their dealership. All of their contact info along with social media icons servers as a great advertising tool while their customers are driving this courtesy shuttle.

Philadelphia Vehicle Wraps

Philadelphia Vehicle Wraps

Philadelphia Vehicle Wraps

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Wednesday, September 08 2010
We had a great Labor Day Weekend and are ready for more exciting projects for our clients here at Apple Graphics.

We are also excited to announce that we will be offering our popular vehicle wraps, signs & banner in Atlantic City as well as Ventnor, Margate,  Egg Harbor Township & South Jersey surrounding areas.

While we were driving around Margate we spotted several of our vehicle wraps on the road. 
Here is a photo of the Apple Graphics Scion near Lucy the Margate Elephant & Ventura's Green House.

We also spotted the Kerbeck Wrap for Jerry Blavat - The Geator right outside of Memories in Margate. Stay tuned for more vehicle wraps in South Jersey & Atlantic City Area.

Neal Freedman
Apple Graphics Inc 

Philadelphia Vehicle Wraps

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